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Corinne Clark

Corinne Clark

Corinne Clark

Yorkville, IL  US
Utility Infield,Utility Outfield
Peoria Redwings (1949)

Profile Biography

"Corky" joined the Peoria Redwings early in the 1949 season.  She was in the league a short while, then returned to Chicago to play softball.  Corky earned a B.S. degree from Illinois State, an M.S. from Columbia University, and a P.E.D. from Indiana University.  

Dr. Clark was chair of the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, then Associate Dean of the College of Education until her retirement after 20 years of service.

Dr. Clark was inducted into the UW-Whitewater Athletic Hall of Fame in 1991.  In 2003, the University dedicated a permanent display case honoring her year in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

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