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Joan Kaufman

Joan Kaufman

Joan Kaufman

Winnebago, IL  US
Second Base,Third Base
Rockford Peaches (1954)

Joan Kaufman Seasonal Batting Record

1954 43 97 3 13 3 0 0 5 0 9 13 .134

Profile Biography

On May 23, 1953, Joan was pictured in the Rockford Morning Star as one of four rookies trying out for the Peaches, but it's unclear if she signed a contract or not because by June 16,1953 the Rockford papers reported that Joan was playing catcher for the Rockford Koeds, also known as the Ko-eds or Keith Jewelers' team. Joan's name was recorded as being a Koeds'/Jewelers' catcher through August of 1953. The Koeds/Ko-eds started play in 1949 as a Peaches farm team which played in a northern Illinois amateur girls' baseball league that utilized AAGPBL rules. In 1950, the league included teams from Milwaukee, Racine, Rockford, Downers Grove, and Forest Park. 

The following summary of Joan Kaufman's Air Force and Civilian achievements after 1954 was provided by Audrey Stewart.    

Joan spent twenty years in the US Air Force and achieved the rank of MSgt.  During this time she worked in Personnel and later as a Technical Instructor.

Joan served many years as Chief of Personal Affairs at Lackland AFB and later at Korat Air Base in Thailand.  Her job in Personal Affairs included briefing families of the deceased as well reporting casualties.  It also included procedures to control awards and decoration programs. During this time she was awarded her third Oak Leaf Cluster for her Commendation Award.    

MSgt. Kaufman received a Bronze Medal as a result of her outstanding professionalism, efficiency, and leadership skill as a Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Casualty Assistance while in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict. 

Later, she volunteered as a Technical Instructor at Lackland AFB.  She soon  became the Superintendent of the only Female Training Squadron in the Air  Force, which eventually increased to over 500 trainees under her leadership and guidance.

When Joan retired From the Air Force, she was active in her community and served on a Local Homeowners’ Board.   She also was on the Stone Oak Board of Directors and Architectural Review Board.  The SOBD served over 20,000 people.   

After the Air Force, Joan also obtained a license to sell life insurance in Texas, a career she had for several years.  She also held a Texas Real Estate License. 

Joan then opened a gift shop, for which she was the primary owner for 20 years. During this time, Joan was named a Notable Woman of Texas for l984-l985 by the Awards and Honor Society of America.  

Joan took a Texas A&M Master Gardeners course to become a Master Gardener.   This information served her well in her community.


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