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Marion Stancevic

Marion Stancevic

Marion Stancevic

Milwaukee, WI  US
Fort Wayne Daisies (1947)

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Marian who was known as Stancy was the Daisies chaperone. A natavie of Milwaukee, she studied one year Milwaukee State Teachers College and three years at La Crosse State Teachers College, where she received a BS degree in Physical Education. In 1947 she joined the Daisies for spring trainning in Cuba.

As advisor-mother-nurse and friend to the various members of the Daisies, the chaperone's job is no pinic. Her many assignments are innumerable and unending - sore backs, cuts and bruises to heal, unioforms to clean and mend, hotel rooms to check, meal money to issue, noses to count before starting trips - those are just a few of the tasks which confront Stancy each day.

Proof that she is one of the best chaperones in the business was evident by the universal esteem in which she was held by the Daisies themselves.

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