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1949 Springfield Sallies

1949 Springfield Sallies
Photograph Lineup

From Left to Right: Anne Georges, Eileen Gascon, Doris Cook, Migdalia "Mickey" Perez, Lillian Shadic, Mirtha Marrero, Renae Youngberg, Mary "Wimp" Baumgartner, Sue Kidd, Kay Lionikas, Gertrude "Gert" Alderfer, Barbara Payne, Barbara Liebrich, Betty Degner, Norene Arnold, Jane Moffet.  Mitch Skupien  (Manager) Absent from photo.

1949 Springfield Sallies Summary

The Springfield Sallies were a part of the league's innovation to recruit new players. Two teams of "Rookies" would travel together over much of the eastern half of the United States playing exhibitions against each other.

The “Rookie teams, The Springfield Sallies and the Chicago Coleens, made up one of the tours. The tour gave these new recruits an opportunity to play and also gave the league the opportunity to develop new players and let the cities all across America know about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. And show case that women were playing baseball in America

The tour was successful and was repeated in 1950.

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