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People have been writing about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League since it began in 1943, but the 1992 premiere of Penny Marshall's feature film, A League of Their Own, brought an explosion of publicity focusing on the league and its players. Below is a thorough, but not exhaustive, bibliography of books, articles, videos, and other media on the subject.


Archives, Displays, and Museums

Baseball Cards

  • A.A.G.B.L. Cards, Kalamazoo, MI. Four sets of commemorative cards published in 1984 (red set), 1986 (blue set), 1988 (green set), and 1990 (yellow set). Approximately 85 cards in all; now out of print.

  • Larry Fritsch Cards, Inc., 735 Old Wausau Road, P.O. Box 863, Stevens Point, WI 54481; 715-344-8687; Series 1 published in 1995 (234 cards); Series 2 published in 1996 (106 cards); Series 3 published in 2000 (72 cards)

  • The Ted Williams Card Co. A handful of "Women of Baseball" cards published in 1994. Now out of print


  • Adler, David and O'Leary, Chris (Illustrator), Mama Played Baseball, Harcourt, San Diego, 2003. (children's picture book)

  • Berlage, Gai, Women in Baseball: The Forgotten History, Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT, 1994

  • Browne, Lois, The Girls of Summer: The Real Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 1992.

  • Brown, Patricia, A League of My Own, Memoirs of a Pitcher for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2003.

  • Fidler, Merrie A., The Origins and History of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, McFarland & Company, Inc., Jefferson, NC, 2006.

  • Galt, Margot Fortunato, Up to the Plate: The All American Girls Professional Baseball League, Lerner Publications Co., Minneapolis, 1995.

  • Gilbert, Sarah, A League of Their Own, (novelization of the feature film) Warner Books, 1992.

  • Gregorich, Barbara, Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball, Harcourt, Brace and Company, San Diego, 1993.

  • Hanmer, Trudy J., The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (American Events), New Discovery Books, 1994 (for middle-school readers)

  • Helmer, Diana Star, Belles of the Ball Park, Millbrook Press, Brookfield, CT, 1993 (for young readers; out of print)

  • Johnson, Susan E., When Women Played Hardball, Seal Press, Seattle, 1994

  • Kovach, John, Benders: Tales From South Bend's Baseball Past, Greenstocking Press, South Bend, IN, 1987

  • Macy, Sue, A Whole New Ball Game: The Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1993 (for young-adult readers)

  • Madden, W.C., The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Record Book: Comprehensive Hitting, Fielding and Pitching Statistics, McFarland & Company, Jefferson, NC, 2000

  • Madden, W.C., The Hoosiers of Summer, Guild Press, Indianapolis, IN, 1994

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  • Okkonen, Marc, Baseball in Muskegon: An Illustrated Chronology, (publisher unknown), 1993

  • Pratt, Mary, A Peach of a Game, Autobiography, Self-Published, Quincy, MA, 2004

  • Rappaport, Doreen, Callan, Lyndall, and Lewis, Earl B. (Illustrator), Dirt on Their Skirts: The Story of the Young Women Who Won the World Championship, Dial Books, New York, 2002 (children's picture book)

  • Roark, Dorothy, Uncertain Destiny-A True Story, The story of the author's life in the coal-mining regions of PA. and her eight years barnstorming with her father's all-male baseball team and play in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, Self-Published, 2005

  • Roepke, Sharon, Diamond Gals, Sharon Roepke, Kalamazoo, MI, 1986 (booklet)

  • Sargent, Jim, and Gorman, Robert M. The South Bend Blue Sox: A History of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Team and Its Players, 1943-1954. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2012

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  • Kann, Bob, Joyce Westerman Baseball Hero, Badger Biographies Series, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2012

Dissertations, Theses, and Academic Papers

  • Fidler, Merrie, The Development and Decline of the All-American Girls Baseball League, 1943-1954, Master of Science Thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Physical Education, 1976.

  • Hensley, Beth H., Older Women's Life Choices and Development After Playing Professional Baseball, Ed.D Dissertation, University of Cincinnati, 1995. (Available from ProQuest Digital Dissertations,, Publication #AAT 9538244.)

  • Pierman, Carol J, "The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League: Accomplishing Great Things in a Dangerous World," in Across the Diamond: Essays on Baseball and American Culture, ed. Edward J. Rielly (Binghampton, NY; Haworth Press, 2003): 97-108

  • Sexton, Maria, Implications of the All-American Girls Baseball League for Physical Educators in the Guidance of Highly-Skilled Girls, Type C Project, Advanced School of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1953

  • Shattuck, Debbie, Playing a Man's Game: Women in Baseball in the U.S., Master of Science Thesis, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 1993

  • Wilson, Brenda S. and Skipper, Jr., James K., "Nicknames and Women Professional Baseball Players," Names (academic journal), Vol. 38, No. 4, December 1990

Feature Films and TV

  • Marshall, Penny, director, Abbott, Elliott, and Greenhut, Robert, producers, A League of Their Own, Columbia Pictures, 1992

  • A League of Their Own (30-minute TV series), April 1993 to August 1993, CBS. Six episodes were filmed; only five of them aired


  • All American: Souvenir Program, 1986

  • Allure, June 1992

  • American Magazine, June 1945, "Beauty and the Bat," by James Gordon

  • Boston Globe Magazine, August 7, 1988 (by Ruth Bayard Smith)

  • Chicago History, Spring 1989 (by Susan Cahn)

  • Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, July 5, 1992

  • Cobblestone, July 1985, "Wow, Can She Throw That Ball!" by Sue Macy (article on Ruth Williams Heverly)

  • Daily News Magazine (Los Angeles), January 22, 1984, "Diamonds and Lace," by Sue Macy

  • Dugout: Baseball Beyond the Box Score (Brock Publishing, Ontario, CA), December 1994

  • Holiday, June, 1952, "World's Prettiest Ballplayers," by Carl L. Biemiller

  • Hot Wire: Journal of Women's Music and Culture, late 1986

  • Journal of Sports History

  • Law Library Journal, Vol. 93, No. 1, Winter 2001, pgs. 209-219, "A Law Librarian at Cooperstown."

  • Life, June 4, 1945, "Girls Baseball"

  • McCall's, September 1950, "Hey Ma, You're Out," by Morris Markey

  • Milwaukee History Magazine (quarterly publication of the Milwaukee County Historical Society), July 1994, March 1995

  • Parade, 1948

  • Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine, June 1993

  • People Weekly, August 17, 1987, "This Mother Could Hit" (about Helen Callaghan St. Aubin)

  • Reminsce Extra, October 2000, Pg. 61, "Women Can Play Baseball.and Did"

  • Scholastic MATH Magazine, April 22, 1983, "Who's First on First?" by Sue Macy

  • Scholastic News (Grades 3/4), March 5, 1993, "Annie and the Babe," by Sue Macy (fictional play)

  • Scholastic Scope Magazine, April 3, 1992, "A League of Their Own," by Sue Macy

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  • Sports Illustrated, 1985 (by Jay Feldman)

  • This Week Magazine, July 30, 1949

  • Time, June 14, 1943

  • Touching Bases (Official AAGPBL Players Association Newsletter), April, 1988, to present (many articles about the players from local newspapers are reprinted here)

  • Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History, Spring 1993 (by Barbara Gregorich)

  • U.S.A. Today, June 1992

  • Women Sports, April 1976 (by W.G. Nicholson)

  • Women's Sports, October 1982 (article on 1982 reunion by David Young)

  • Women's Sports and Fitness, October 1987, November/December 1991, April 1992


  • July 1982 - first national reunion in Chicago

  • September 1986 - second national reunion in Ft. Wayne, IN.

  • Filming of two documentaries; November 1988 - recognition by the Baseball Hall of Fame

  • June 1992 - release of the film A League of Their Own

  • August 1993 - the 50th reunion in South Bend, IN.

  • Altus Times (Altus, OK), October 23, 1988, July, 1992

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  • "All-American Girls Professional Baseball League," in Women in American History by Encyclopedia Britannica. Online at Video file attached to article shows a few minutes of a spring training game between the Fort Wayne Daisies and Racine Belles

  • Soundtrack from "A League of Their Own". Hans Zimmer, arranger, performer, producer. Sony, 1992. (Includes the "All­American Girls Professional Baseball League Song," but doesn't include Madonna's "This Used To Be My Playground.")


  • Morning Edition, National Public Radio, July 1982 (reported by Linda Wagner, program #820714)

  • Morning Edition, National Public Radio, August 27, 1991

Video Documentaries

  • A League of Their Own: The Making of a Movie, Columbia Pictures, 1991

  • Burns, Ken, Baseball, Public Broadcasting System, 1994

  • Michigan Oral History Association (MOHA), "The Girls of Summer: The Grand Rapids Chicks of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League." Panelists Dotty Konwinski and Marilyn Jenkins with Moderator Gary Burbridge, Series III (1994), #3-2, 58 minutes. Order from MOHA, 5580 West State Road, Lansing, MI 48906; 517-321-1746.

  • Olson, Gordon, The Girls of Summer: The Grand Rapids Chicks 1946-1954, The Grand Rapids Public Library and Museum, Grand Rapids, Ml, 1990

  • Siegel, Lois, Baseball Girls, National Film Board of Canada, 1996

  • Taylor, Janis L., An Oral History of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League: Interviews With 40 Players, an AAGPBL Players' Association Inc. production on file at the Northern Indiana Center for History, South Bend, IN, 1994.

  • Taylor, Janis L., When Diamonds Were a Girl's Best Friend, Taylor Productions, 1987

  • Taylor, Janis L., When Dreams Come True, University of Northern Kentucky, Covington, KY, 1988

  • Wilson, Kim and Candaele, Kelly, producers, with KCET, A League of Their Own, Community Television for Southern California, 1987. (documentary that inspired the feature film of the same name)

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