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Mary Lou Swanagon

Mary Lou Swanagon

Mary Lou Swanagon

Mary Lou Swanagon

Mary Lou Swanagon

Profile Information

  • Maiden Name:
  • Nickname: "Swannie"
  • Hometown: Sikeston, MO (US)
  • Throwing Hand: Right
  • Batting Hand: Right
  • Born: January 30, 1927
  • Died: June 11, 2005

Mary Lou SwanagonHistory

Team Position Uniform #
1946 Grand Rapids Chicks Shortstop Unknown

Mary Swanagon: July 27, 2005

Just wanted to update you on Mary Lou (“Swannie”) Swanagon.  She passed away earlier this month from heart related symptoms.  I have been in touch with her friend Teddi Hamilton and plan on keeping in contact with her.  Teddi also played in the league and then later with the Orange Lionettes until 1960.  Teddi was a pitcher and Mary Lou was a shortstop.  They played one year for the professional baseball team and then went to play professional softball for a team out of Chicago.  Mary Lou said they didn’t have to travel so much and they like that. Do you have any information on a Teddi Hamilton (Violet is her real name I believe)?  Very very sad about Mary Lou – she was my second cousin and we only found each other last year.  Unfortunately we never had the chance to meet in person but at least we did make contact and shared e-mails and phone calls until her death (unexpected).  I would appreciate any information you might have developed by now on either Mary Lou Swanagon or Teddi Hamilton.  *Mary Lou played in the Chicago League (NGBL) for the Cardinals in 1947 & 1948.

Angie Swanagon: Second Cousin

Author: Angie Swanagon

Contributed By: Angie Swanagon

Copyright: Angie Swanagon

Mary Lou Swanagon, 78, of Palm Springs, CA died June 11, 2005, in Palm Springs of heart-related symptoms.

She was born January 30, 1927, to Claude and Verna Swanagon in Kennet, MO.

"Swannie," as she was known to her friends was a kind and considerate human being.  She played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from which the movie "A League of their Own" was created.  She also worked as a salesperson for 20 years.

She was a long-time friend of Teddi Hamilton, an All-American teammate.  They shared fond memories of years gone by, and Mary Lou helped Teddi raise her son as if he were her own.

Memorial services were held June 17, 2005 at Palm Springs Mortuary in Cathedtral City, CA.

Entombment was at Palm Springs Mausoleum in Cathedral City with arrangments under the direction of Palm Springs Mortuary.

Author: Unknown

Contributed By: Carol Sheldon

Copyright: Adapted from the Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun, 6/15/2005, p. 15 via

LeagueBatting Record

1946 - - - - - - - - - - - -

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