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The AAGPBL Players Association, Inc.

The AAGPBL Players Association, Inc. is an active, nonprofit organization established for the following purposes:

  1. To research, collect, document, preserve, and promote the history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League;
  2. To provide opportunities for social interaction of the membership;
  3. To disseminate historical, educational, and factual information regarding the League and its personnel;
  4. To promote and support modern women's baseball.

Players and other members provide interaction with schools, communities, sporting events, and historical organizations to promote sports participation. Players actively engage in sharing their experiences by speaking to various groups and assisting in clinics and seminars to promote women in sports. "We do not stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old because we stop playing."


Annual Fees: The Association's fiscal and membership year extends from September 1 to August 31 and membership categories and fees include the following:

  • Charter Members: No Fee (This category applies only to those who played in the AAGPBL or were league personnel from 1943-1954.
    If you qualify for free membership renewal, you must submit your membership renewal via the PDF download form and not via the on-line form.
    Note: Charter Members have unrestricted voting privileges.
  • Associate Members: $40.00 (Anyone other than Players or League Personnel.)
    Note: Associate Members become voting members after three consecutive years of membership. Associates renewing their membership after this time period must submit their dues and membership forms between June 1 and August 31 of a given year to preserve their voting status for the next fiscal year (Sept. 1 - Aug. 31).
  • Student Members: $20.00 (Non-voting. Provide name of School or University student is attending on "Student ID" portion of membership form.)
  • Affiliate Members: (Non-paying members and non-voting members. The Board of Directors confer affiliate membership for individuals, businesses, institutions or organizations. Potential affiliate members are requested to fill out and mail in the downloadable Membership Application Form.)

Membership Fees submitted after June 1 of a given year will be applied to the next Membership Year.

Membership is open to all former members of the League, families of League personnel, and any persons interested in promoting the purposes of the Association. All Members are entitled to:

  • Receive copies of the AAGPBL Players Association Newsletters. Student members will receive their Newlsetter copies via email.
  • Receive an AAGPBL Logo pin (one time only) and a membership card. A lifetime membership card is issued to former players. Associate, Student, and Affiliate members receive a card each year they pay dues.
  • Attend Annual Reunions at reduced costs and interact with the players and other associates

All members may now pay their dues ON-LINE by clicking the "SIGN-UP ON-LINE" button and choosing from the available options to pay through the Association's safe, secure PayPal account. All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). Follow the directions as shown or refer to additional directions provided by PayPal.

In addition, a PDF Membership Application Form can be accessed by clicking the "DOWNLOAD Membership Application" button to the left and following the directions to mail the application and a check directly to the Association Treasurer. If you have difficulty, please contact the Association through the "Contact Us" page on the website.

The AAGPBL-PA is a nonprofit organization and all funds donated or collected as membership dues go to the operation of the Association, maintenance of its website, the printing of its Newsletter, the organization of its annual reunion and membership meeting, and its support and promotion of modern girls' and women's baseball.


The AAGPBL produces a Newsletter called TOUCHING BASES three times each year, and these are mailed to all members. The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep members informed about past and up-coming events, awards, honors, special dedications, and special team and member articles, including photos of today and yesteryear. The Newsletter serves as an open line of communication for members to share their special moments with articles and letters. An effort is made to keep members in close contact and to keep an on-going account of illnesses and deaths of players, all members, and their families.

Family Members of AAGPBL Players

The AAGPBL Players Association is seeking the assistance of family members to provide information to help locate some of the former players. Over 640 girls/women played in the League during its 12 year history. Over one hundred of these individuals have never been located. If you know of someone who played in this League, check the Player / Profile Search section to be sure they are properly listed and the information is correct. Please contact us to relay any information you can provide.

In some cases, Grants of Permission are required for newly located players, or from families of deceased players, to have baseball cards made to honor them. Any information that can be provided to complete the Association's records will be appreciated.

Important: The Players Association requests that anyone having memorabilia of former players in this League please contact us to learn of ways to properly protect these items. In the event of the death of a player, contact us so the Players Association can notify former teammates and other members of their passing. The Players Association works with the Archives at The History Center in South Bend, Indiana and The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York to preserve the memory and memorabilia of former players.

Association Organization & Recognition

2023-2024 Board of Directors

  • Richard Chapman - President
  • Sister Toni Palermo - Vice President
  • Merrie Fidler - Secretary
  • George Chapman - Treasurer
  • Lois Youngen - Director
  • Carol Sheldon - Director
  • Sue Parsons Zipay - Director

2023-2024 Committee Chairs

  • Archives & Memorabilia - Carol Sheldon
  • Contracts & Licensing - Donna McLin
  • Database - Merrie Fidler
  • Fanfest - Rick Chapman
  • Humanitarian - Merrie Fidler
  • Legislative - Ginger Gascon
  • Merchandising - Jan Boudreau
  • Newsletter - Shelley McCann
  • Nominating - Ginger Gascon
  • Public Relations - Carol Sheldon
  • PR & Social Media - Aimee Crosby/Carol Sheldon
  • Police & Procedures - Rick Chapman
  • Reunion Support - Sue Macy
  • Website - Aimee Crosby

June Peppas Award

This award was established in 2013 as the Victory Vanguard Award to recognize exemplary service by a Charter Member (Player or League Personnel). The title was changed in 2016 in honor of the passing of former player June Peppas who was instrumental in reconnecting the players at the first National Reunion in Chicago in 1982 and establishing the AAGPBL Players Association in 1987.

  • 2013 - Jane Moffet
  • 2014 - Shirley Burkovich
  • 2015 - Mary Pratt and Betsy Jochum
  • 2016 - Mary Moore and Ginger Gascon
  • 2017 - Dolly Brumfield and Jeneane (Des Combes) Lesko
  • 2018 - Sara Jane "Salty" Sands Ferguson, Dolly Niemic Konwinski, and Helen "Nordie" Nordquist
  • 2019 - Jean Faut, Marilyn Jenkins, and Joyce Westerman
  • 2020 - Virginia Manina, Ann Petrovic, Gloria Rogers, and Sue Zipay
  • 2021 - Sister Toni Palermo and Joanne McComb
  • 2022 - Lois Youngen, Dolly Ozburn and Norma Dearfield
  • 2023 - Helen "Sis" Waddell and Maxine (Drinkwater) Simmons
  • 2024 - To be announced at the annual AAGPBL reunion

Outstanding Associate Award

This award was established in 2014, and it recognizes exemplary service by associate members who supported the league and the Players Association.

  • 2014 - Pat Henschel & Gina Casey
  • 2015 - Donna McLin & Sue Macy
  • 2016 - Jan Boudreau, Denise Fairbanks & Mary Kusmirek
  • 2017 - Tim Wiles & Phyllis Smallwood
  • 2018 - Kathy Bertrand, Linda Lundin, and Millie Gerdom
  • 2019 - Merrie Fidler, Shelley McCann, & Jill Rietjens
  • 2020 - *due to Covid-19 The Outstanding Associate Award was tabled with the cancellation of the reunion
  • 2021 - Kumu Gupta, Kathryn Beisner and Cyn Hales
  • 2022 - Carol Sheldon, Betsy Alverson and Pat Sherwood
  • 2023 - Aimee Crosby and Adele Maurier
  • 2024 - To be announced at the annual AAGPBL reunion

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